I especially love the line “I’m proud to be an American”

My dad came to the United States from Germany and became a U.S. citizen.
He never spoke a word of German after that and was very proud to be an American.
(With some extreme begging—he did eventually teach me to count to 10 in German —but would teach me no more. He was an American and spoke English).
As a child, on our vacations—every year we would take a 2 week vacation and drive one way to a destination and another way back. All along the way, we would stop at anything that seemed interesting.
During those travels—I saw 46 of our great 50 states. And, one year–we flew to the Bahamas and saw how another country lived (and the impoverished people in it–we just didn’t go to the pretty parts).
(I have since been back to some states and seen state # 47 and Canada).
Hence—my huge desire to get the rest of my debts paid off and travel again with my family…..that and the fact my kids are both finishing college…….