I don’t know

I would have probably done it too, but then I was the safe house for the kids friends. Two of them had an abusive alcoholic father and they had keys to my house so if things got bad at home they could let themselves in even if I wasn’t there. The father only followed them once and I told him if he loved them he’d let them come to where they knew they were safe when he was out of control. He never caused trouble for us after that.
Fast money ($1000 – ok) transfer from Lend Me 1000 Inc. I would keep my dog close to me for awhile, not so much for yourself, but for the sake of the dog. We had a neighborhood child molester that was afraid of our dog and he poisoned her. He went to jail shortly after that because he got caught—we had no idea prior to that why our dog hated him so much. Let’s just say he never got near my kids. Gretie was a GOOD dog.