What child welcomes discipline?

I believe in spare the rod spoil the child… He was on his property disciplining as he saw fit. Had the child been running full tilt to my house, he would have been welcomed in, and the father and I would have words at my door. Wouldn’t want to be a mediator though, but if they brought it to me, then I would.

My kid asked

if I was going to have “mandatory swim time” and before I had answered her, she was asleep on the floor. I know that she had been doing schoolwork this am, so I let her sleep a bit, then went swimming.

The kid that had evening shift wasn’t happy she was going to miss out…

I recently met a family through church who is really struggling financially

They just moved in to southern California from out of state for a job which was supposed to start July 1, and then got changed to August 1 plus downsized to a lesser paying position. Not a good start. So the Mom found a different job which pays even less initially but is a more stable company with a longer term future. So, a month from now they’ll be ok, but they used up ALL their savings moving down and covering this month with no job.

Then the DD16, who tried out for Varsity cheer end of May and made it, was told they couldn’t work with an extended payment schedule after all, and she needed to come up with $600 by this weekend to pay for cheer camp and final clothes order. Mom called stressed, looking for ideas to make money. I didn’t have too many…at least not that would make $ in 24 hours.

BUT…she’s a lot smarter than me, and came up with the idea of selling pre-paid child care vouchers (they live in a huge apartment complex.)

HOLY SMOKES. DD16 raised $375 in a SINGLE DAY!!

I was so excited for her! It motivates me to get off my rear end, get stuff listed on eBay and Craig’s list (yeah, I know, I said I wouldn’t go there), and I made my flyers for full time child care with homeschooling. I’ll go print them off this morning and start papering tomorrow.