Aren’t we all?

I was already impressed that you had the, ahem, cojones to go over there to begin with. To follow up and talk to them again when the heat of the moment was off, that was even more awesome. Congrats – I think you did great.

What child welcomes discipline?

I believe in spare the rod spoil the child… He was on his property disciplining as he saw fit. Had the child been running full tilt to my house, he would have been welcomed in, and the father and I would have words at my door. Wouldn’t want to be a mediator though, but if they brought it to me, then I would.

I’m a work in progress :)

Well, in hindsight.. and prayer… I should have simply walked down there and ask if everything was OK…. the man is know for violence and alcoholism… and the cries of hte boy just sent me into mother bear mode…
I was able to talk with them after things calmed down a bit…. told the boy his dad needed his encouragement right now… that I knew things really sucked….can’t be easy losing your mom who dies of alcoholism, your home that probably was totaled because of a cigarette in the hands of someone passed out, their only vehicle broke, they are living in a small camper with a generator and the generator was stolen by a guy who his dad owed money to… he wanted to stay at the camper and watched the new generator ..and be with his cat.. the only one that survived the fire as the ohter 2 were int he house..

I talked to him while I sewed his boyscout patches on for him… let him know why I did what I did…. but his dad was right in not allowing that to come out of his mouth… told him I was there for him…..

Then I told the dad I was only thinking of Dylan…. we were there, as always , if they needed us….

Being the victim of physical abuse myself I tend probably to over react with children

I am glad I said something, I just shouldn’t ahve immediately gone into the ” my dog is gonna shred you to bits” routine…